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Golf Club issues reminder about course access and respect for property

(UPDATED April 9, 2024) The Ocean Pines Golf Club is offering a friendly reminder to the community about course access and the importance of respecting the property.
Golf Club staff are focused on ensuring the safety of registered golfers, preserving the course's integrity, and minimizing any potential damage or liability issues.
To help maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all golfers, it is crucial that the public – including nonregistered individuals – refrain from accessing the course. Instances of unauthorized access pose risks such as accidents, property damage, vandalism, and interference with ongoing play.
To prevent such incidents and ensure the well-being of all participants, the Ocean Pines Golf Club would like to reinforce the following guidelines:
  • Restricted access: The golf course is exclusively for registered golfers. No walking, biking, dog walking, or any other activities are permitted on the course. Additionally, no fishing is permitted anywhere on the golf course property. 
  • Safety and liability: Unauthorized access to the course can result in potential hazards and liability issues. It is important that community members and their children understand and respect these regulations to ensure the well-being of everyone involved. 
  • Property respect: The Ocean Pines Golf Club requests that all visitors to the course remain mindful and respectful of the course and its property. Engaging in any activities that may cause damage or disrupt play is strictly prohibited.  

Golf Director Bob Beckelman said there have been incidents involving damage caused by individuals who access the course without authorization. He said these actions not only compromise the course's quality, but also hinder the enjoyment of golf for registered players.
"We kindly ask the community to cooperate and respect our regulations to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all our registered golfers. The golf course is a big asset to our community, and by adhering to the access guidelines we can continue to provide an exceptional golfing experience for everyone," Beckelman said.
For more information on the Ocean Pines Golf Club, visit www.oceanpinesgolf.org.