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OPMGA Announces 2022 Full Season Results

OPMGA champions Fritz and Pete(Oct. 19, 2022) The Ocean Pines Men's Golf Association hosts “Men's Day” every Thursday, from early April through mid-October.
Pro Shop credits are awarded to the top foursomes each week, and at the end of each half of the season those who have accumulated the most points are awarded additional credits.
This year, Fritz Lahner hit the trifecta by leading the pack for the full season and being on top during both the first and second half as well. Pete Malecki took the runner-up spot for the second half of the season, and Mark Dornes was close behind in third place.
For the full season, Dornes moved up to second place, followed by Walt Lischak in third, who benefited from a strong first-half showing.
Full results were:
  • Champion: Fritz Lahner (full season and first and second half)
  • Runner-up: Mark Dornes (full season); Pete Malecki (second half); Walt Lischak (first half)
  • Second Runner-up: Walt Lischak (full season); Mark Dornes (second half); Mark Dornes (first half)
The OPMGA will move into its offseason on Oct. 28 when, weather permitting, members and prospective members are welcome to show up at the course on Thursdays and participate in some low-key competition.
For more information about the OPMGA, contact: