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Improve Pace of Play in 3 Easy Steps

We're golfers, too, and know that playing at a snail's pace can ruin a round. While some factors (like "cart-path only" or a full tee sheet) are unavoidable, there are some steps golfers in Ocean Pines can take to play faster, smarter and better.
1. Play the Right Set of Tees
PineconeTeeMarker cropped
There's no need to make your round harder than it needs to be. Especially if you're not familiar with the course, try playing from a shorter set of tees. You'll speed up play and probably have more fun, too.
 2. Use On-Course GPS

Video imaging and yardage markers are features of the GPS on Ocean Pines Golf Club's custom app and allow you to choose the right shot for the right hole. The app also features playing tips curated by our professional golf staff.
3. Know the New Golf Rules

Foursome cropped
Several of the 2019 USGA Rules of Golf have a positive impact on pace of play including making 40-second strokes, playing out of turn in stroke play ("ready golf") and not incurring a penalty for hitting an unattended flagstick.